Design and vintage chairs

Watteeu proposes you a rich selection of vintage and design chairs. Many of them are the result of the work of renowned designers.

Our collection of vintage and design chairs

Discover our unique collection of vintage chairs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and find the unique piece that will sophisticatedly take place into your home or your office. The 20th century is a goldmine of seating and chair design.  Iconic models such as the LC4 Lounge Chair of Le Corbusier, the B32 chair of Marcel Breuer, the Swivel Ball chair of Eero Aarnio, Willy Rizzo’s work for Sabot, the H-269 chair from Jindřich Halabala and so many more have left their mark on history.
Their originality, the quality of their materials, their history and the genius of their designers make each of these vintage chairs a timeless work of art.