"Arch Bridge”, Late 20th Century Constructivist Desk in Pear wood, Ed Weinberger


76 cm (29.92")
184 cm (72.44")

If Ed Weinberger weren't so cerebral, his furniture wouldn't be so beautiful. A geometry teacher turned New York investment banker, Weinberger designs meticulously constructed desks, chairs, and tables reminiscent of work by modernist designers such as Gerrit Rietveld, Josef Hoffmann, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He uses phrases like "Euclidean Harmonics", "Cubist Constructivist", and "Geometric Extravagance" to describe his work. "Every piece is meant to have an off-putting character. "They violate almost every principle of established furniture construction, while requiring the most rational woodworking skills pushed to an exquisite degree." "It requires you to reflect on the geometry of everyday life." "Arch Bridge" desk in pear tree, one of the two copies ever made.

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